Below you will find all 4 of Helen Forrester’s memoirs. Click on any title to read a full synopsis, learn what the critics had to say and browse Helen’s notes on the book.

Twopence to Cross the Mersey

twopence-to-cross-the-mersey_cropHelen’s middle class family is plunged into bankruptcy and the slums of Liverpool. Kept home from school to care for her brothers and sisters, Helen must adapt and survive.

‘It was the biography that I would have written if my parents had not been given benefits, if they’d had to rely on parish handouts…[I] want to press this book into your hands and go, “You must read this.” – Caitlin Moran, author of How to Build a Girl

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Liverpool Miss

Helen’s pLiverpool Missersonal battle is to persuade her parents to allow her to earn her own living, to lead her own life after the years of malnutrition, neglect and inadequate schooling.  A story of amazing courage and perseverance.

‘The story of a young girl’s courage and perserverance against adversity…warm-hearted and excellent’ – Reader

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By the Waters of Liverpool

by-the-waters-of-liverpool-cover-imageHelen has won a degree of independence, is working and is educating herself. She finds love for the first time but the War has begun and that will be bring new and formidable challenges that Helen will need to overcome to achieve happiness.

‘These books are fiercely real, where a fictional woman would have been ‘rescued’ Helen Forrester had to find her own way.” – Reader

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Lime Street at Two

lime-street-at-two-cover-imageHelen tells the vivid story of war, her war. It is a personal story of another wartime romance but also the story of a civilian woman making her way in a man’s job and amidst ever-present danger.

‘I find myself regretting that I did not try to communicate with Ms. Forrester during her lifetime to tell her how much I appreciate her telling her story’ – Reader

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